What is Wiffle Golf?

  • A stupid good time
  • Weapons of grass destruction
  • A laugh a minute
  • Swinging good time
  • Cutting Edge
  • Essential
  • On the Ball
  • Out of this world
  • Wicked
  • Revolutionary
  • Unconventional
  • Moving
  • Thrilling
  • Golf
  • Wiffle golf
  • Fundraisers
  • Corporate event
  • team building
  • backyard parties

So what is wiffle golf all about?

  • WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS! Once you make the right decision to host a wiffle golf tournament, Pin High immediately begins to work with you on the creative details of your exciting party. Our goal is to bring your vision to life.  From the use of satellite GPS technology to our careful sculpting of the event site, our mission is to take the property that you have selected and temporarily transform it into a customized, small scale golf course that will have your guests totally entertained for hours!
  • WIFFLE GOLF IS UNIQUE! You won’t see this type of event all over the place and our guess is that you haven’t.  This is a truly unique, clever and impressive concept and that’s what makes it an exciting option for you and your guests. To make sure we help you put on the very best event,  our staff will be on point and dedicated to your party long before the actual event date.  Each and every event we execute is completely one of a kind and unlike anything we’ve created before because the space is different, the guests are different and the reason for the event is different.  Although we can’t guarantee anyone a hole-in-one, or forecast the perfect weather, we will do everything that we can to be sure your event is everything you expect and more.

Layout 1How does a tournament work?

Your tournament begins when your guests arrive and find the club house check-in area.

  • When your guests check in, they will receive all the information that they need for the day’s events.
  • Players will receive a numbered wristband, a score card and a wiffle or foam core ball depending on the day’s weather and wind conditions.
  • If your wiffle event happens to be a benefit or fundraiser, this is the perfect time to tell your guests about your raffles or auctions and all of the available prizes and awards.
  • If space permits, Pin High will also create a driving range that will be available to your early arrivals.  They are then free to warm up and sharpen their skills for the best ball flight.
  • Next, it’s time for a quick refreshment and then off to the course for a shot gun start! Most of our tournaments are designed as a shotgun style start with four golfers teamed up at each hole with all nine holes teeing off at the same time.
  • If you have more guests than we can accommodate in one flight, we can add more! In a typical day, we are able to execute three flights which will accommodate up to 108 golfers.
  • Golfers are encouraged to play by all the same rules as the PGA Association to keep things as fair as possible.
  • Once the tournament begins, that’s also when the fun begins!  Now it’s time for you to sit back and watch your guests have the time of their lives!
  • As golfers complete their round, score cards are returned to the club house and each name and score is entered onto our huge leader board. As the day progresses, the area around the leader board becomes the focal point as your guests return frequently to see if they’ve shot well enough to be included in the play-off round.
  • When all scores are entered, it’s time to gather the best 8 low-score golfers who will compete in an exciting three-hole shoot-out.
  • During this final match up, each finalist will select their own personal Caddy who will assist them by carrying their clubs, or their beverage, and can help them make all the right club and shot decisions so that they become the overall Wiffle Golf Champion!

I’m ready!! Now what?

Now you understand the ins and outs of this awesome event, it’s time to call us to discuss how we can create something magical for you.  No two events are the same.  Each one takes on its own personal signature depending upon the host and their passion for fun and excitement! The fact that anyone young or old, novice to professional, and even those with disabilities can play makes this the event of choice for so many.

So, if you’re ready to host a super exciting event for your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues, then Pin High Wiffle Golf Events should be your first call!