Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering why you would consider a Wiffle Golf Event rather than a traditional golf outing?

A Pin High Wiffle Golf Event has many advantages over your typical, every day, golf course. With as little as an acre and a half of open land, we will create a realistic, “small scale” golf course with all the same props you will find at a full scale outing. The difference is that your entire guest list will always be within ear and eye shot of each other, which puts a very fun and interesting twist on a very traditional social event! Since typical golf outings have just a short amount of “social time” either at the beginning or end of a long day on the course…our Pin High Wiffle Golf Events are designed to keep that constant social contact throughout the day, from the first tee to the play-offs and award ceremonies that follow. Completely Unique!

I love the idea, but I don’t have enough property.

Sometimes, people or companies don’t have the required acreage to host this fun event. Don’t let that stop you. Start by looking around your neighborhood for a local park, church property or open space! Permission is usually not too difficult to get because what we do with the property is only temporary. If you still find yourself without an event site, don’t give up! We can usually help find a location to suit your needs.

Will our guests need to bring their own equipment?

We always encourage golfers to bring their own equipment to keep both the look and feel of a typical full scale golf event. Most avid golfers prefer their own equipment especially if they find themselves battling it out in the play-off round where the overall” tournament champ” is decided. For those who don’t own their own equipment, like many of us, we do provide a large selection of both right and left handed golf clubs, and a few golf bags and pull carts, to be used at no additional charge to your event. Tournament wiffle golf balls are always provided.

How many golfers can we invite to our event?

One of the most unique parts about Pin High Wiffle Golf Events is that we can totally customize your golf party to best suit your needs. For example, our nine hole wiffle courses can usually accommodate anywhere between 36 to just over 100 golfers during a full day’s event. For fundraisers and benefits, additional guests are always welcome to take part in the on-going auctions and raffles while being spectators to the action on the course. At that point they’re usually wishing they would have signed up early to be part of one of the best social events all year.

Will we still have the same opportunities for fundraising?

Absolutely! Since your guests are not required to spend their money on the high costs of a traditional golf outing, they have greater opportunity to focus their support on the charity of your choice. Similar to typical golf outings, we suggest that you increase your fundraising goals by securing sponsorships for the event title, individual holes, lunch and the beverage cart to name a few. On-course events such as longest drive, closest to the pin, hole-in-one, and other target contests can increase the level of donations earned from golfers who wish to take part in them. 50/50 raffles and silent auctions are also a great revenue addition for your event.

How can I help make our event successful?

Probably the most important thing you can do is be ORGANIZED! A party without a good plan becomes a job! Depending upon the size of your gathering, forming committees to secure sponsorships, teams, supplies, vendor donations, etc. will certainly allow you to help remain focused on your goal by sharing the responsibilities. Many hands make light work! The goal is that everyone, including the committee, has time to enjoy the real fun and purpose of the event.