About Us

PinHigh002It all started in 1998 when a relative suggested that my 2 acre backyard would be the perfect setting for a miniaturized golf course. Not miniature in terms of windmills, waterfalls and putters, but miniature in terms of Par 5, 72-yard holes and Par 3, 27-yard holes. All this, combined with sand traps, water hazards and 2 or 3 clubs and you’ve got a golf course comparable to championship type courses … only on a smaller scale.

For fourteen years, this has been the greatest event of the summer. People were scrambling to get put on the invitation list and asking if they could bring others. The growing demand for participation made us realize the need to expand our annual gathering into a unique new business venture. So now, we’re extending our own outrageously enjoyable backyard party to you. Whether you need a backyard event, a social function, corporate picnic, team building exercise¬†or fundraiser, we can make it happen.

It’s new, it’s fun and it’ll be the talk around town or the company water cooler for days well after the event.